Veresen Inc. Privacy Policy

Download the Veresen Inc. Privacy Policy and Procedures for Receipt, Retention and Treatment of Complaints Relative to Privacy Matters (PDF).

Veresen Inc. and all wholly-owned subsidiary partnerships or corporations thereof (Veresen Inc. and all such subsidiaries being herein collectively referred to as the “Company”), are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of their staff, affiliates, clients and associates. In this policy, personal information means information that reveals a distinctive trait about or helps to identify an individual. It does not include business contact information, including name, position name or title, business telephone number, business address, business email, business fax number and other similar business information or any personal information that is in the custody of or under the control of a public body.

The Company is responsible for personal information under its control and has designated its Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary as its Privacy Information Officer and the individual who will ensure compliance with this policy.

The Company will comply with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta) (“PIPA”) and will use fair and reasonable practices to meet its obligations under PIPA. This policy and additional information are available on request by contacting our Privacy Information Officer using the contact information at the end of this policy.

Purposes of Data Collection

The purpose of the Company’s Privacy Policy is to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by the Company in a manner that recognizes the rights of our clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders to have their personal information protected, while recognizing the need that the Company has to collect, use and/or disclose personal information for purposes that are reasonable in providing the services and products of our business.


When one applies to receive information via email alerts, the Company will collect, use and disclose personal information for any of the following purposes:

  • advising of opportunities for receiving further information,
  • emailing the requested information,
  • updating the information for our files on a periodic basis to ensure information is accurate.

By registering, the Company will assume the applicant has consented to the collection, use or disclosure of information as set out above. Should the applicant wish to withdraw consent for the use or disclosure of this information the applicant must so advise the Company. Be aware that if there is a legal requirement to disclose information which has been collected, withdrawal of consent for such disclosure will have no effect.


Any complaints regarding privacy matters at the Company shall be submitted and handled in accordance with the Complaints Procedures attached to this Policy as Schedule “A” (PDF).


When applying for employment at the Company, any information provided by a candidate will be used to determine suitability for the position. If the candidate is not hired, the information provided to us during the recruitment process will be destroyed. If the candidate is hired, but employment is subject to a probationary period, and the employment is not successful past the probationary period, the information provided to us will be destroyed. If a candidate is hired, and the individual successfully completes any applicable probationary period, the information will be retained in the individual’s employee personnel file.

Business Transactions

When buying or selling a business, the Company may collect, use and disclose personal information without consent, when those involved agree to do so only for the transaction and when they need the information to decide whether to buy or sell. Once the transaction is complete, the organization receiving the personal information may continue to use and disclose it but only for the purposes for which it was originally collected. Further, information must relate solely to the carrying on of the business. If the transaction does not proceed, the organization that received the personal information must destroy or return it.

Access to Personal Information

Individuals may make a written request to the Company’s Privacy Information Officer for access to their personal information, the purpose it has or is being used, and persons to whom that information has been disclosed and the circumstances surrounding its disclosure. The Privacy Information Officer will advise whether the Company has a personal information record, whether the Company is providing access to all or part of the record and when and how access will be given, if applicable. An estimate of any cost for access will be provided. Unless s.24 of PIPA states that access to such information need not be provided, access will be provided in 45 days or such longer period allowed for in accordance with PIPA.

Correction of Information

The Company endeavors to maintain accurate, up to date information on individuals. Individuals may make a written / email request to the Privacy Information Officer for the correction of their personal information.

Security of Information

The Company does not sell, lease, or trade personal information to other parties. The Company endeavors to ensure strict confidentiality is maintained over personal information. Employees who deal with personal information are trained and required to maintain confidentiality over and safeguard all information used in their positions and comply with this policy.

As well, the Company endeavors to maintain adequate physical, procedural and technical security for its offices, information storage and destruction, electronic files and on-line systems so as to prevent any unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or alteration of an individual’s personal information.

Paper-based files are stored in secure operating premises. Electronic files are maintained in a secure environment with restricted access. Access to more sensitive files such as employee records, banking information or stakeholder information are restricted to employees who require access to them.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or concerns with this policy or personal information should be directed to our Privacy Information Officer:

Veresen Inc.
Suite 900, 222 – 3rd Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0B4

Attention: Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Phone: (403) 213-3643
Fax: (403) 213-3648

Schedule “A” – Privacy Policy Complaints Procedures

Download the Veresen Inc. Privacy Policy and Procedures for Receipt, Retention and Treatment of Complaints Relative to Privacy Matters (PDF).