A top priority for us is to be a responsible, good neighbor in the communities where we live, work and operate. As we engage our stakeholders, we take a collaborative approach, and believe in sharing ideas, expectations and solutions to benefit everyone involved. Moreover, we continually make health, safety and environment a top priority and work with all stakeholders in the communities in which we operate.

Community Investment

Through our Community Investment program, we support causes and initiatives that have a meaningful and long-lasting impact in communities. Our goal is to see strong, growing communities in the areas where we live, work and operate.

At Veresen Midstream, we focus our efforts in five core funding areas

  • Reinforcing Communities
  • Environment
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children and Families
  • Health and Well-Being

Within these funding areas, we support a wide range of organizations that are focused on the needs that matter most to the local community.

Some of the organizations we have partnered with

  • Hythe Volunteer Fire Department
  • Centerpoint Facilitation
  • Borderline Cultural Foundation
  • County of Grande Prairie – Demmitt Shelter
  • Hythe Athletic Association – Hythe Memorial Arena


Veresen Midstream is committed to meeting or exceeding existing safety and environmental laws, regulations and appropriate industry standards at each of our facilities and ensuring the health and safety of its employees and the public, and the protection of the environment. For Veresen Midstream, the health, safety and wellness of our employees, their families, and stakeholders living within our areas of operation is paramount.

Veresen Midstream provides the necessary resources and uses industry best practices to create a safe workplace and ensures all its employees and contractors are properly trained to operate its facilities and conduct company business in a safe, environmentally conscious and responsible manner.

We strive for continuous improvement by developing, maintaining, enhancing and improving our EH&S Management System by identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing environmental impacts and safety hazards associated with Veresen Midstream’s activities so that they are minimized.

Visible leadership and accountability throughout our organization is required and we believe that employees are responsible for their own safety, the safety of fellow employees, and the safety of the public at each of our facilities and offices. We also expect our employees to participate in the EH&S Management System including adherence to the policies and procedures, reviews, and improvements related to environment, health and safety.